The village

Located along the heart of the “Ruta del Cister” tourism trail, Montblanquet is a village at the edge of county Urgell just next to Conca de Barberà and belongs to the municipality of Vallbona de les Monges. It is 2126 feet (648 meters) above sea level atop the Serra del Tallat mountain range and has views of the Conca de Barberà basin and the Serra de Prades range on one side and the Catalan Central Depression up to the Pyrenees mountains on the other.

The area is mainly agricultural, not heavily populated and offers a pleasant mix of forest and cultivated land, where the change from season to season is very evident. It also has a dense network of well-marked hiking and bicycle trails that bring you to the monasteries of Vallbona and Poblet. In the village, there is an interesting thirteenth-century Romanesque church, which is dedicated to St. Andrew and features a bell gable. Currently, there are only six people living in the village and there are no businesses. Peace and quiet is one of its most remarkable characteristics. At Ca l’Olier, you will be able to rediscover silence, and it is very unlikely that anyone will disturb you.