Ca l’Olier is a village home in Montblanquet, a peaceful hamlet in Vallbona de les Monges amid the Serra del Tallat mountain range at the border of the counties Urgell and Conca de Barberà. There are no shops, no restaurants, no cars. Just 30 stone houses, a Cistercian church, two fountains, a public laundry, grain fields, almond trees, olive tries and a forest of pines, holm oaks and maples.

Poblet monastery, The “Ruta del Cister” and the Way of St. James.

An ideal place for biking and for hiking.

Ca l’Olier is a comfortable house in a peaceful rural setting.

Ca Olier is a townhouse in Montblanquet. A quiet village in Vallbona the heart of Serra cut at the border between Urgell and the Conca de Barbera. no shops or restaurants, no cars. 30 stone houses, a Cistercian church, two sources, a laundry, cereal fields, almond, olive and pine trees, oaks and maples.
The Cistercian Route and the Road to Santiago, biking trips, horse rides, walks ...
Ca Olier is a comfortable house located in a quiet rural setting.